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Your Passport to Decentralised Social Web

MOTI is revolutionising the digital identity landscape with an omnichain decentralized identity protocol designed to enable individuals to build, monetise and utilise their reputation for authentic social connections.


Begin your journey of tomorrow's social web by owning your digital identity on MOTI.BIO. Stored on a cryptographically secured distributed databased running on an auto-scaling decentralized cloud, the revolutionary MOTI DID Protocol embodies the true values of decentralization, setting a new standard for how we interact online.

Self Sovereign Identity

Linktree-like profile makes onboarding onto MOTI’s decentralized identity protocol easy, making Web3 accessible and understandable, eliminating the need to educate, making adoption quick and straightforward.

Simple Onboarding

The endorsement engine contextualizes data that is otherwise difficult to interpret and potentially privacy-exposing. These endorsements transform user credentials and past activities into meaningful social proofs, enhancing online credibility and reputation.

Endorsement Engine

Your Passport: MOTI.BIO

The passport that integrates your existing identity under one single roof.

To learn more about MOTI and our campaigns, join our Discord Community at


Become a Social Ambassador and begin your journey with the MOTI DID.

By joining participating our campaigns, utilise your identity in new ways and and foster a connected and impactful ecosystem!

Start monetising using your MOTI.BIO Profile by joining Airdrop Campaigns that rewards you based on your engagements and participation.

For Users

Begin Airdrop via MOTI by authenticating and verifing users’ credibility using context-rich endorsements, a representation of their identity and engagement.

For Businesses

Building Tomorrow's Social Web

By unifying users' social and transactional histories from both Web2 and Web3 under a singular identity, MOTI empowers individuals to control and monetize their digital presence through a self-sovereign profile. This innovative approach not only enhances personal privacy and security but also provides businesses with meaningful and contextual insights into user engagement and authenticity.

In the first 2 months since MVP launch (in March 2024), 5 projects and 8800+ users have signed up with MOTI.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between fragmented digital identities and the growing need for verified, trustworthy interactions online, creating a more efficient and user-centric digital ecosystem.

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