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Building Tomorrow's Social Web

MOTI is a social reputation protocol that transforms peer-to-peer endorsements into a powerful tool for building trust and authenticity in the digital and real world.

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Koii x MOTI Special Campaign

22/May 03:00 - 24/May 03:00 UTC
160,000 $KOII + Points for MOTI Tokens

MOTI has invited you to start monetising using your social capital!


Quest Period:
22/May 04:00UTC - 24/May 04:00UTC


Participation Validation (by MOTI):
24/May - 27/May


Winnings Announcement (on MOTI Discord):
28/May 01:00UTC


Airdrop Transfer:
29/May - 5/June


Time Limited!

For 48 hours: 22/May 04:00UTC - 24/May 04:00 UTC

MOTI's DID Protocol is hosted on the Koii Network, and as ecosystem project, Koii is campaigning with MOTI to shape the future of DePIN and Universal Basic Income.

In this campaign, MOTI is rewarding users based on points gained from their:

  • own engagement and participation;

  • friends' engagement and participation through referral.

If you don't have MOTI.BIO, start by joining with this referral link:

To access the campaign actions, submit your MOTI.BIO username only:

Campaign activation has closed.
You MUST to add your Koii/K2/Finnie wallet address on MOTI.BIO to be eligible for the Airdrop.
2) Refer Your Friends
1) Complete Zealy Quests

Thanks for Joining our Campaign

50% of the airdrop is allocated for direct engagement on MOTI's Zealy Campaign.

Get on Zealy: Complete your quests & Climb the Leaderboard!

New quests will be added throughout the campaign, so remember to check back frequently!

For you to be eligible for this leaderboard, your friends must be new MOTI.BIO users signing up and joining this campaign using your referral link here:

50% of the airdrop is allocated for your referral's engagement. Their Zealy XP contributes to your scores are based on these ratios:

  • 1st-tier (Friends): 50%

  • 2nd-tier (Friends' Friends): 25%

  • 3rd-tier (Friends of Friends' Friends): 10%

Leaderboard to be updated daily on MOTI Discord

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